Pictionary for geeks

Majken got me hooked on an online game called iSketch. It's similar to Pictionary: a word or phrase is chosen randomly, and one player tries to draw it while the other players try to guess what it is. We play with the "computer terms" list, which includes phrases like "dynamic link library", "personal computer", "arithmetic and logic unit", "hexadecimal", "Mozilla", and "intranet".

I'm playing right now with a few friends from the Mozilla community. Come join us in the user-created room called "Foxymonkies"! IM me or email me your AIM screenname if you want me to IM you next time we play.

iSketch requires Shockwave. I've played on Windows and Mac, mouse and touchpad.

8 Responses to “Pictionary for geeks”

  1. dolphinling Says:

    Blah. I’d join in, but Macromedia is stupid and hasn’t released shockwave for Linux. And I have too many other things backed up with my computer to attempt getting it working through crossover… like that motherboard and DVD burner I got for ACGPD and haven’t installed yet.

  2. sunilonln Says:

    that was fun.

  3. CTho Says:

    Jesse’s inviting more people because everybody else gives up after playing a few games against him! ;-)

  4. Ben Basson Says:

    How on earth do you draw a dynamic link library?

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I drew three horizontal lines (three words), drew a hyperlink for “link”, and drew a bookshelf with a sign hanging off of it for “library”. Two players guessed it.

  6. Ben Basson Says:

    Heh, nice.

  7. Majken Says:

    It’s really something that you have to stick it out and play. You won’t be good at first, unless you’re natural, if only for the fact that once someone draws something hard, everyone else tends to draw it the same way next time. You have to be around a few times to catch those things. Same with drawing. Takes a few draws to really get the hang of it. Although you can set yourself away, and it wont pick you to draw, or you can use the skip button. Some of those words are seriously oldschool.

  8. Jonah Bishop Says:

    Thanks for the fun, Jesse! I had no idea this game was out there, and the rounds last night were a blast. I stayed up way too late last night, but I had a great time anyways! :-)