Delicious Delicacies for Firefox 1.5

Mook and I updated the Delicious Delicacies extension for Firefox 1.5. The extension had to be largely rewritten because the Firefox Options window was rewritten for Firefox 1.5, so this version of the extension won't work in Firefox 1.0.x.

3 Responses to “Delicious Delicacies for Firefox 1.5”

  1. Caleb Says:


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  3. Pontus Says:

    In Swedish: “Kakor är delikata delikatesser”.

    Some would prefere:

    “Cookies är delikata delikatesser”

    because “cookies” is more often used then “kakor” in computer context.(but “cookies” is never used on eateble cookies so I prefere “kakor” witch work bouth ways… :) )