DreamHost promotion code

DreamHost's "777" promotion ended in July 2005, but DreamHost is now allowing me to share my referral bonus with you. If you enter the promotion code squarefree when signing up for any one-year or two-year plan, you'll get $77 off (and I'll get $20 for referring you). To use the promotion code, enter squarefree into the promotion code box on step 5 while signing up. (This is the step after you enter your personal information but before you enter your credit card number.)

If you use this code to sign up for a monthly plan, you'll only get $50 off, which will cover the setup fee that monthly plans have. Since DreamHost has a generous 97-day money back guarantee period, I recommend using a yearly plan instead.

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3 Responses to “DreamHost promotion code”

  1. puffy Says:

    You are a fucking pimp. I love you.

  2. yeahitsme Says:

    Hey Jesse!
    thnx for your hint with dreamhost. Sound so great, I just made an account. Maybe you’re happy about the 20$ for you ;)

    Greetinx from Mannheim, Germany

  3. Grid212 Says:

    Thanks for a great symbiotic platonic relationship, you just got another twenty bucks.