Mac bugs

The Mozilla Foundation is letting me use a Mac laptop during my internship. Firefox (trunk) seems buggier on Mac than on Windows, although to be fair, I am used to Firefox's bugs under Windows. I spent a lot of last week filing, testcasing, and voting for bugs as I ran into them. One Mac-specific bug I ran into is a potential security hole in addition to being annoying.

3 Responses to “Mac bugs”

  1. Chris C Says:

    Pet hate, but “on Mac” kills me. “on MacOS” (or “on OS X” or “on Tiger” for the more technical crowd) or “on the Mac” are acceptable. “Mac laptop” is generally shunned as well, as Mac isn’t an adjective and there’s a perfectly well-understood term for one already (“Powerbook”).

    – Chris

  2. Smokey Ardisson Says:

    I think the general consensus of people who’ve used Firefox on both Mac OS X and Windows is that the Mac version is buggier than the Windows version (that’s why discerning Mac users use Camino ;)) Given Firefox’s later genesis on Mac OS X compared to Windows/Linux, it’s not surprising.

    And then there’s the sorry state of Gfx:Mac that bugs all Mac products…. :-(

    Another, fresh, set of eyes is always helpful…especially if those eyes belong to a well-regarded bug-filer :-)

  3. Philippe Says:

    Oh, it is nice that more devs are using Firefox on OS X – should I say ‘are exposed to’? It *is* more buggy, although I still enjoy it. And (hardcore) users of nightly builds start complaining that the promissed ‘aguafication’ for 1.1 isn’t delivering lots.

    (Switching to Camino is not a solution for me, I need the DomI and the Js console, and a couple of extensions).