My plans for Summer 2005

June 17 - June 23: Hiking in Havasupai Canyon, a tributaty of the Grand Canyon. I will hike with my mom and brother, two 3rd cousins, and their parents.

June 30 - September 9 (approximate): Mozilla Foundation internship in Mountain View, California.

Before and after the Grand Canyon trip, I'll probably spend time at my parents' house near Los Angeles, California.

What I will do after this summer is up in the air. I might return to UCSD to continue the computer science PhD program, which I'm not enjoying much so far, or I might try to get a job at the Mozilla Foundation, Google, Yahoo!, etc.

2 Responses to “My plans for Summer 2005”

  1. Brad Fults Says:

    Congratulations on the internship at the Mozilla Foundation.

    Sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying the Ph.D. program here. Are they just not letting you focus on what you want? I’m curious to know what exactly goes on in the graduate CS circles here.

  2. Matt Brubeck Says:

    Let me know if you’re interested in jobs here at Amazon or A9 — I’d be happy to refer you (and/or answer any questions).