One year at DreamHost for $0.77/mo

Update Aug 9, 2005: DreamHost's "777" promotion ended in July. At the same time, DreamHost is now allowing me to share my referral bonus with you. If you enter the promotion code squarefree when signing up for any one-year or two-year plan, you'll get $77 off (and I'll only get $20 for referring you). To use the promotion code, enter squarefree into the promotion code box on step 5. (This is the step after you enter your personal information but before you enter your credit card number.) End of update

Last night, Grey was looking to switch to a new web host because he was close to exceeding his bandwidth limit on TotalChoice Hosting. He knew about DreamHost because MightyMu, Mike Connor, and I use it. Grey was turned off by DreamHost's requirement that he either pay a $50 setup fee or pay for an entire year of hosting in advance. I remembered hearing about a "777" promotion code several months ago, so I suggested that he try it. The promotion code worked and Grey used it to switch to DreamHost today.

This promotion code allows new DreamHost customers to sign up for Crazy Domain Insane at $0.77/mo for the first year. After the first year, you will pay the normal price of $9.95/mo with one-year prepayment or $7.95/mo with two-year prepayment, unless you change to another plan or payment schedule.

Crazy Domain Insane includes 120 GB/mo bandwidth and 2.4 GB disk space (at least if you sign up before August 29, 2005), one free domain registration (.com, .net, .org, or .info), and hosting for up to 3 domains. All DreamHost plans include MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python, SSH login, mail, webmail, mailing lists, the ability to control your DNS records, and access to raw Apache logs.

For more information about DreamHost, see my earlier post Why I love DreamHost.

18 Responses to “One year at DreamHost for $0.77/mo”

  1. Tom Says:

    Don’t forget to mention that after using this code you cannot pay by check or paypal. Weird.

  2. random particles Says:

    Burnt Electrons moves to DreamHost, hilarity ensues…

    MightyMu is hosted there. mconnor is hosted there. Jesse Ruderman is hosted there. But I prefer month-to-month plans usually, and DreamHost charges a $50 set up fee for monthly accounts. Setup fees…

  3. Jason Says:

    Actualy this doesn’t look so bad. If you get it for a year, it costs just under $10 for the whole year because they waive the setup fee!

  4. Evan Says:

    dude, thanks for the tip.. i just switched all 3 of my sites over to dreamhost.

  5. Fudge Says:

    I was wanting to sign up but I couldn’t see where to enter the promotion code. Is it at a point later in the signup process?

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The place to enter the promotion code is on step 5, Verify Total. It comes after you enter your personal information but before you enter your credit card information.

  7. DJC Says:

    Is the minimum term of contract 12 months, or more? I.E. Do they rope you in at this low price, but keep you hooked for the next 17 years at $10/month?

  8. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The minimum term is 12 months. If you decide not to stay with DreamHost after your first year, you’ll only have paid DreamHost $9.24 (assuming you sign up using “Pay for one year at a time” option rather than the “Pay for two years at a time” option).

  9. DJC Says:

    Thanks for your swift reply Jesse! I think I’ll absolutely have to sign-up in that case! That price is incredible…

    I noticed on the rewards small-print that you don’t get referral reward for the 777 promo. What do you get if I sign-up with your referral and the 777 code? Nothing?

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    If you use the 777 code to get your first year for $0.77/mo, I only get the referral reward if you stay with DreamHost for another year or if you sign up for two years when you sign up.

  11. Grey Lykke Says:

    I love dreamhost as well. I’ve grown especially fond of their own managment system, which I feel more at home in than cpanel. Also, their attitude is great. I little less corporate, a lot more personal.

    I didn’t have to pay any setup fee though. And I think the triple diskspace&bandwidth promotion they are running was pretty good value for money as well..

    Better stop now, or else I’m going to sound like a paid marketing drone :)

  12. Paul Goscicki Says:

    120GB/mo hosting with ssh/php/mysql for 9$/year

    And it also includes 2.4GB disk space and a free domain registration (.com, .net, .org or .info) worth $15 alone. When you calculate all of this you may actually come to the same conclusion I did. Dreamhost, because this is the hosting company I am sh…

  13. Test Blog » Blog Archive » Dreamhost Says:

    […] moved my blog to dreamhost quite easily. While comparing hosting on the web I came across this deal where they allow you to sign up for 1 year of hosting for just 10 […]

  14. Kevin Wallace Says:

    Re: Tom

    You can use paypal if you create an account with them, add money to it, then sign up for the package. That worked for me.

  15. James Deville Says:

    Thanks for the tip. That is completely awesome!!!!!!

  16. Borak Says:

    I love dreamhost! Last month they introduced a program where your hosting limits grow the longer you stay hosted with them. For the Level 1 plan, which everyone is talking about in this post, each week you get 20MB space and 1GB added on to your limits. To top it off, if you’ve already been hosted with them for a while, they’ve retroactively credited your account for up to the previous year (up to 1040MB space / 52GB bandwidth extra)!

    I have the Level 3 plan, and I’ve been with them for about 7 months, and you can’t get 9420MB space and 276GB bandwidth for under $20/month anywhere else! Plus, each week my hosting limits are increased by 60MB of space and 2GB of bandwidth!

    I recommend them to anyone! :D

  17. will Says:

    I tried. it said “Sorry, all the promo code 777s have already been used!”.


  18. meg Says:

    me too, will– apparently the 777 promotion ended in July. that’s what I get for waiting….dangnabbit.

    it looks like there are a couple of other pretty decent dh promo codes around if you search for them.