Check Range user script

My first user script for Greasemonkey is Check Range. It lets you check or uncheck a range of checkboxes by clicking the first checkbox and then Shift+clicking the last checkbox. I have tested it with Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. I have only tested it using Firefox 1.0.2 because Greasemonkey does not work on the trunk for me.

16 Responses to “Check Range user script”

  1. Tomas Marek Says:

    Great idea. Can’t imagine going back in use of IE. To spoiled by FF and its still emerging capabilities.;-)

  2. Greg K. Says:

    An even better idea would be to add a contextual menu item on checkboxes and their associated labels to check/uncheck all.

  3. akshay Says:

    Hey Jesse~

    I’m too incompitent to learn DHTML, but i’m curious, would it be possible to write a greamonkey script which would turn firefox into a pseudo-text browser? Obviously you’d want it to be toggle-able, but something where text displays where it’s supposed to, frames are fine, but images aren’t even loaded. I’m tired of firing up links/lynx and having to use my arrow keys to navigate. Is that doable? Would a newbie be able to write it?

  4. Michael Bierman Says:

    I have tried this on yahoo mail and and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Are there any known conflicts with other user scripts?


  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    It works for me on Yahoo! Mail and

  6. pepp5 Says:

    Works for me on Yahoo mail also, awesome! (paid account) I can selectively check different ranges of consecutive messages to be deleted or moved, so it makes using web-based email much faster. Thanks.

  7. Jeremy Dunck Says:

    Why block gmail?

    I tested it and it seemed to work…

  8. Alex Says:

    So, I’m not the only one who can’t get Greasemonkey working on the Trunk builds, eh? Is that because Greasemonkey fell behind Firefox or the other way around?

  9. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I excluded Gmail because Gmail has a similar feature built in.

    I just tested my script with Gmail, and doing so didn’t break Gmail. I think it’s still a good idea to exclude Gmail, though.

  10. Jeremy Dunck Says:

    Yep, GM dies on nightlies:

    Which was already patched, but hasn’t been released yet. 0.3 is being tested on the list, but it’s a big patch with sort of a migration problem, so we’ve taken a while getting it out.
    Which hasn’t been patched, and looks like a killer (document.getElementById doesn’t work!).

  11. Marc Abramowitz Says:

    Nice little GreaseMonkey script

    This is one of the more useful GreaseMonkey scripts that I have found. Check Range, from Jesse Ruderman, allows you to select a range of checkboxes by holding down Shift while clicking.

    more about GreaseMonkey…

  12. Alex Says:

    Hi Jeremy — fancy running into you here!

    As I run the Firefox nightlies, I’m looking forward to the GM 0.3 release. However, what do you mean about “sort of a migration problem”? Will existing scripts have to be rewritten for the new version?

  13. Jeremy Dunck Says:

    No, we’re not breaking compatibility with existing scripts. But the format of the internal config.xml which GM uses to keep track of the installed scripts and prefs (include/exclude/enabled) is changing, and the original patch didn’t include migration for that.
    0.3a is looking fairly solid, with a couple more tweaks it’ll be released.

  14. Andre in LA Says:

    Jesse, thanks for fulfilling my request on the greasemonkey wiki page!

    It would be great if you could look into my next one – keyboard navigation for and pbase galleries. I am a graphic design/webmonkey by day with a mouse in my hand for 8 hours and clicking those prev/next links is painful. I am sure the community will appreciate it, too.

    — Andre

  15. Leon Says:

    GREAT! I’ve been wondering for years why this wasn’t a default option in any browser, FF in particular. Got sick and tired clicking all the boxes to select my mails on the university webmail. Thanks! -Leon Brokken.

  16. Matt Says:

    This rocks, thanks!