After I bought a textbook from eBay's half.com, half.com offered me $10 off my next purchase. The fine print said that if I accepted the $10 off, Reservation Rewards would then charge my card for $9 a month indefinitely.

eBay, which invests heavily in helping legitimate buyers and sellers trust each other, is now directly associating itself with and promoting a scam.

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  1. Seth Kinast Says:

    I’m glad you had me watching; I just bought some stuff from Half and I might have been tempted to go check it out.

    I think I’ll write eBay instead.

  2. Tristor Says:

    This is really sad that Ebay is doing this, but not really suprising. They are a corporation, and corporations exist to make money, even by scamming their “valued” customers. Best Buy has teamed up, and still teams up with another organization to do a similar thing. The best way to avoid being caught in one of these scams is to remember that in this world, nothing is free. Including you.

    Oh yeah, @Jesse, I am in Links at the moment, and I noticed that all the imgs on your weblog don’t have an alt tag. Might want to remedy that, for the sake of us using text-based web browsers.

  3. Mozings Says:

    eBay promotes scams

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    Personally, I’ve never believed in the ebay concept. Would somebody loan me some money to…