Bookmarklets in print

My bookmarklets have appeared in print media several times:

  • PC Magazine, Fall 2004 Digital Home issue: Security Watch: Revealing Passwords mentions my view passwords bookmarklet.

    KMGI focuses on Microsoft products, but we also found a bookmarklet (a piece of JavaScript you save as a browser bookmark) that's more brand-agnostic -- and free. It's called "view passwords" and is available at . "View passwords" exposes saved password text in IE, Firefox, Mozilla, and Netscape. The script also reveals hidden text in Opera, but the way that browser executes saved passwords -- by filling in the user name and password, then activating the Submit button -- prevents the bookmarklet from working, except on a very slow page load.

  • O'Reilly's Google: The Missing Manual (May 2004) devotes almost two pages to my search and seo bookmarklets.
  • PC Magazine (February 2004): Bookmarklets Boost Web Surfing.
  • Heise c't (November 2003) has a screenshot of the result of using the "number rows" bookmarklet, if I'm remembering correctly.
  • New York Times (August 21, 2003): Fishing for Information? Try Better Bait had a paragraph about the @alltheweb bookmarklet.

I have print copies of all of these except the Feb 2004 PC Magazine article. O'Reilly shipped me a free copy of Google: The Missing Manual, Matti sent me a copy of the issue of Heise magazine from Germany, and I bought the others at bookstores.

One Response to “Bookmarklets in print”

  1. Joe Grossberg Says:

    Are favelets and bookmarklets the same thing?

    Shouldn’t we call them a single name before they get even more widespread?