Starcraft flyer

I saw this flyer shortly after starting at UCSD.

5 Responses to “Starcraft flyer”

  1. Minh Says:

    Hey, you go to UCSD? Me too. I’m a second year student from Revelle College, Biochem/chem major.

  2. Tristor Says:


    I’d go for that, but it’s been forever since I played Starcraft, I’m not sure I would qualify anymore.

    UCSD sounds like an interesting school, I’m sure it’s a crapload better than where I am going.

  3. Dimitrije Says:

    no comment

  4. David Stone Says:

    Sweet. I go to UCSD too. Well, I’m cross enrolling right now, taking CSE 12. I’ll be there full time in Winter at Warren college as (hopefully) a CSE major. :)

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    StarcraftGamers on UCSD Starcraft flyer

    The Starcraft flyer I photographed and blogged made its way to StartcraftGamers. The site has an article about the flyer and the associated research….