Google’s “Browse By Name” in Firefox

Google recently introduced a mode called "Browse By Name", a cross between "I'm Feeling Lucky" and a normal Google search. "Browse By Name" acts like "I'm Feeling Lucky" if Google is certain that the first hit is correct, but otherwise returns a normal set of search results. If you use Internet Explorer with the Google Toolbar, "Browse By Name" is the default behavior for non-URLs typed into the address bar. The Google Toolbar shows a dialog the first time you use the feature.

By default, Firefox uses "I'm Feeling Lucky" for non-URLs typed into its address bar. You can change the behavior by going to about:config and setting keyword.URL to the appropriate URL and then restarting Firefox.

Address bar behavior keyword.URL
I'm Feeling Lucky
Browse By Name
Google search

9 Responses to “Google’s “Browse By Name” in Firefox”

  1. laketrout Says:

    After testing I think Browse By Name would make a better default behaviour than I Feel Lucky for terms typed into the address field. It’s especially good for those of us who are spelling impaired – instead of taking you to the first site for the miss-spelled search term you get a google offered correction of “did you mean…?”

  2. Gids Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to you Jesse for finding out this URL. I asked on Usenet, but alas no-one knew! You can see my effort to find a solution at

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Gids filed for making Firefox’s default be “Browse By Name”.

  4. wormeyman Says:

    user_pref(“keyword.URL”, ““);

    Or you can put that in your user.js :D

  5. Brian Says:

    When typing “digital cameras” it goes to a website. It does not do a Google search for me. Is this a Firefox thing? Do I need the Google Toolbar?

  6. Huang He's Blog Says:

    Google’s “Browse By Name” in Firefox

    Just read this:

    Jesse Ruderman: Google’s “Browse By Name” in Firefox

  7. flex-mx Says:

    Google’s ‘Browse’ in Firefox

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    Browse By Name in Firefox

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  9. The Life of Ken Says:

    Firefox’s “Browse By Name”

    For those of you who use Firefox, you probably know that when you enter a search term in the address bar, Firefox then goes out to Google and searches for it for you. Now, by default, Firefox will take you…