Delicious Delicacies extension

Delicious Delicacies: Restore the legend.

10 Responses to “Delicious Delicacies extension”

  1. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    Hey, nice one!
    Great minds *do* think alike :)

  2. Dat Says:

    Yum! This and Firesomething gives my browser personality!

  3. jeff Says:

    i have 2 “Cookies are delicouis Delicacies now” using .93. any ideas?

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jeff, 0.9.3 comes with the text “delicious delicacies”. You won’t need the extension until you upgrade to a newer version :)

  5. Eric Says:

    Casinos are related to XUL overlays that describe delicious delicacies, eh? I can see that.

    I loathe spammers. Your site really drags them in here, Jesse.

  6. Dave Arter Says:

    Perhaps I did something wrong, but installing this extension on the Linux 09-09-04 build doesn’t work, it messes up the preferences dialog:

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks, Dave. Fixed in Delicious Delicacies 0.2 with Ben Goodger’s help. There was a typo in the extension, but it didn’t cause problems until a change in 2004-09-08 builds of Firefox.

  8. Dave Arter Says:

    Hooray! The delicacies return (again)!

  9. Christian Says:

    ho jesse!

    that’s a nice extension you did. I really had a good laugh, since it is actually absolutely unnecessary, but lovely. I adored the “delicous delicacies” part of the preferences dialog, so I am glad that it is back. seriously, I dig it! :-)


  10. Neil's Smaller World Says:

    Delicious Delicacies

    Restore the ‘Delicious Delicacies’ cookies message in nightly builds of Firefox with a handy extension. May the legend live on!