Opera’s least popular feature comes to Firefox

The adbar extension displays Google ads related to pages you view. It works in Firefox 0.9+.

23 Responses to “Opera’s least popular feature comes to Firefox”

  1. grayrest Says:

    Why can’t the money that would be generated go to mozilla.org? I’m sure people would run it just to support the browser.

  2. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    Finally – Opera-users have no excuse!

  3. Anonymous Coward Says:

    Is this a joke?

  4. tim Says:

    What do you think? I mean, the program works but it is an extension that you have to install and can easily uninstall. But Jesse made sure to include this joke in the FAQ, “Of course! Paypal $19 (51% cheaper than Opera!) to me or the Mozilla Foundation, then use Firefox’s Extension Manager to uninstall adbar.” I think this is quite funny.

  5. arielb Says:

    It’s all about choice. You can have firefox without ads for free or you can have firefox with ads for not $49 or $39 or even $29 but for the low low price of only $19! But wait! There’s more! You can also have the ads for free too if you like! Just set it and forget it!
    Mozilla Firefox is not available in any store.

  6. Peter J. Says:

    Hilarious! (Oh, and the extension’s clever too. :)

    Grayrest’s got a good idea… hey Asa and Blake….

  7. Ratan Says:

    I love it! Take that Opera!

    (And I really love the above screenshot as well.)

  8. Asa Says:

    Nice screenshot, Jesse ;-)


  9. Matt Says:

    I installed it. More ads yum!

  10. GURT Says:

    i’m not sure what’s the bigger joke…
    the extension or the web site in the screen shot.

  11. Jackie Says:

    Um, is this extension a complete joke or am I missing something?

  12. FamilyCircus Says:

    HAHA, they actually excepted my slashdot story that I sent about it.

  13. FamilyCircus Says:

    HAHA, they actually accepted my slashdot story that I sent about it.

  14. Jon Says:

    I’m a student and have felt too poor to donate to Mozilla Foundation but if there was a version of this extension that didn’t run in test mode amd proceeds went to the Foundation, I’d run it. Any chance of it happening?

  15. tve Says:

    Caused some confusion, at least on some (popular) German tech news sites.

    Golem.de has a headline that makes it sound like Firefox is now adware (“Mozilla’s browser Firefox integrates Goodgle ads a la Opera”), the article itself is clearer, though. WinFuture.de took it a step further and totally missed the point, but quickly removed the article after several people complained about it. :)

  16. GollemTheMaginificent Says:

    Well, you got these guys believing as well :-D

  17. Ethan Says:

    Where is the source? You say its GPLed, (/mpl/lgpl) I request the source.

  18. tve Says:

    >Where is the source? You say its GPLed, (/mpl/lgpl) I request the source.

    Download the xpi und unzip it.

  19. sunilonln Says:

    Can’t you get it so that proceeds from click-throughs go to the Mozilla Foundation? Better than letting potential money go to waste.

  20. Anil Dash Says:

    Beautifully perverse.

  21. jimmy jones Says:


  22. D-503 Says:

    Many random readers wrote: “Is this a joke?”:

    Where is Captain Obvious when you need him?

  23. lustigNation Says:

    Firefox with AdSense

    Jesse Ruderman writes:

    The adbar extension displays Google ads related to pages you view.

    Now while this seems interesting, finding relevant related pages based on Google ads, isn’t it going to be a bit biased…