Bounties now has a security bug bounty program, which offers $500 to people who discover "critical" security holes. Meanwhile, Microsoft offers a $250,000 bounty for catching virus authors.

2 Responses to “Bounties”

  1. Richard Says:

    Why don’t you also publicize other bounties…such as

    In fact why don’t you establish a broad based bounty program for things that need doing, but are not getting done?

  2. Martey Says:

    The problem with a bounty program is that it has to be supported with money. A potential problem that I can see with the Mozilla Foundation creating a wider bounty program, similar to the one as the URL you list, is ensuring that people pay when the code is complete. Suppose that the good people at MAF do create MHTML support. Is there any way to ensure that the people who listed pledges on the wiki actually pay?