Browser stats from search referrals

For visitors who reach my site through Google searches, browser percentages vary widely depending on search terms. In general, geekier terms have a higher percentage of Mozilla users. I analyzed stats for 35 days in June and July 2004 using a hacky batch file.

Search phrase Total hits IE Mozilla Safari Opera Other
burning edge (946) 170 731 (78%) 26 15 4
firefox nightly (586) 107 438 (75%) 29 12 0
bookmarklet (2067) 568 1296 (63%) 123 68 12
gmail (1151) 781 312 (27%) 15 43 0
jibjab mirror (103) 76 23 (22%) 2 2 0
best porn (176) 135 31 (18%) 6 3 1
good porn (222) 187 22 (12%) 10 2 1
google home page (436) 404 20 (5%) 6 3 3

Stats for some of these search terms are skewed toward Mozilla not because the search terms themselves are geeky but because "Firefox" or "Mozilla" appears in the title of the result page on my site. Searches for "good porn" and "best porn" lead to a page on my site titled Why Mozilla Firefox is the best porn browser. Searches for "how to get a gmail" lead to my blog entry titled Help make Firefox better and get a Gmail invitation!.

By the way, over 50% of total hits to my site are Mozilla :)

2 Responses to “Browser stats from search referrals”

  1. T Says:

    Hey Jesse, have you ever tried to promote Firefox/Pornzilla actively on porn sites/forums? I posted a link to the Mozilla Firefox product page and your Pornzilla site and some words why Firefox is so superior for porn surfing on a porn guestbook and in a about 3 hours, it got about 400 klicks. I think this is a very easy and efficient way to reach a lot of potential new users and we know, porn surfers have a lot of trouble with malware and sites that want to cheat the users.

  2. [m] Says:

    So fapping DOES cause braindamage! Good thing I got Mozilla 1.7.1.