Post-graduation update

My extended family gave me some awesome graduation presents: a San Diego hiking guide, a small MP3 player to help me keep my sanity while traveling, and over $1700 in checks and gift certificates.

I'm going to move to Austin this week and start my summer job at IBM next week. To do:

  • Find a hotel near my Austin apartment (Google rocks!).
  • Find a way to back up my 40GB hard drive or at least the important stuff (5GB of hard-to-find music + 1GB of other stuff) before I ship my computer to Austin. I have an old computer with 6GB free but I'm not sure how I can transfer the data.
  • Figure out how to ship my computer to Austin.
  • Find out if it makes sense to rent a monitor instead of shipping mine there and back.

8 Responses to “Post-graduation update”

  1. Prognathous Says:

    Moving the data shouldn’t be too difficult. There’s the easy way – direct P2P using a cross-linked network cable, and the “screwdriver way” – moving the drive (temporarily) to the other computer, preferably located on separate IDE controller from the backup drive.

    Good luck in Austin,


  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I don’t think I have a cross-linked ethernet cable, but I do have a hub. Can I get my two computers (WinXP and Win98) to talk to each other without the data going through my cable modem? (My ISP will throttle me if I try to send several GB in one day.)

  3. Will K Says:

    Jesse, it depends on the setup:

    If you have one network card in each computer and no router, then you’ll have to disconnect the cable modem temporarily: then just hook both computers up to the hub and set up your network in each OS.

    If you do have a router coming off your cable modem, then just hook both computers into the router and set up the network from there; the cable modem will never see the traffic…

    Quick question about Mozilla Firebird/Firefox: how come I can’t see in Firebird 0.7/Win 2K Pro? This happens on your site sometimes, too. Also, sometimes on your site, (and Eric Meyer’s, and Zeldman’s), Firebird fails to show updated pages until a couple of days later. What gives? Is there a bug in the cache?

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I got it to work using my hub. I had to install NetBEUI on my Windows XP computer — whatever the Windows XP network wizard uses by default (when it creates the floppy for me to put in the Windows 98 computer) didn’t work.

  5. Will K Says:

    Ya know, Eric Meyer told me about you one night at a Cleveland Web Meetup, about two months ago. It was right before we experienced a thunder snowstorm (hey — we’re in Cleveland, ya know?). He said, “Have you ever been to Jesse Ruderman’s site? This guy is God; I’m serious.” High praise.

    I’m kneeling; I couldn’t do it that fast! ;-)

  6. kitty Says:

    hey jesse, how are you doing. i still have your phone if you ever want it back. i recently got a new one :)

    do you know of any cheap webhosting? i’m trying to get my own domain and hosting. or… who/what hosts you?


  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I forgot about the phone. I don’t know how I’d get it from you.

    I use Dreamhost. It’s not the cheapest ($10/mo), but I like how everything is included in the basic package and I like the knowledge base and support.

  8. Jessica Says:

    in response to how you will back up your important stuff, i suggest a memory stick (can be purchased in sizes of up to 2 gb)which you can find at a place like radio shack or best buy. if you dont have the cash for that, you can either slave one hard drive to the other or just take the hard drive out and carry it with you (most electronics/computer stores sell things designed specifically for that purpose).