How to find an octahedron

I was working on my last Abstract Algebra homework problem: "In how many ways can you color the faces of an octahedron with n colors?" Solving the problem required figuring out all the ways you can rotate an octahedron onto itself, which I was having trouble doing in my head. I asked Selene for an octahedron, not expecting her to have one.

JesseRud: do you have an octahedron i can borrow?
AshLykos: you could go to and look at the first 3 bits of a binary result
JesseRud: what does that have to do with anything?
JesseRud: oh

She had a d8 and let me borrow it after I explained why I needed a physical octahedron. I never expected having friends who role-play to come in handy.

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