I'm taking 6 5 classes this semester:

  • Math 171 - Abstract Algebra (mostly groups, some rings and fields)
  • Econ 179S - Economics of Strategy
  • Psych 160 - Perception and Cognition
  • CS 141 - Advanced Topics in Algorithms (advanced data structures and their amortized analysis, on-line algorithms, matroids and the theory of greedy algorithms, parallel and distributed algorithms, and about 6 weeks of student presentations)
  • CS 133 - Databases
  • CS Clinic (counts as a class)
  • CS Colloquium (required, doesn't count as a class)

On both MW and TTh, I have 15 minutes between a Pomona class and a Mudd class. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Pomona to Mudd. That means I won't be able to hang out after Perception and Cognition or Abstract Algebra to chat with the profs.

Most of my classes this semester will have presentations. Economics of Strategy will have some kind of presentation-centered project. (The first time Prag taught the class, he had each student pick a failed dot-com and present about it.) Clinic has two big presentations. In Algorithms, I get to give half a lecture on a topic of my choice, or pair with someone to give a full lecture on a topic of our choice. Perception and Cognition has "convention-style" presentations on the last day of class. Only Abstract Algebra has no presentation.

I'm sad that this is my last semester here.

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