e-mail addresses for sale

"Netscape" (the new ISP) is auctioning off 200 e-mail addresses. I found out by clicking on this ad. The ISP is auctioning,, and, but not my old address,

I searched eBay to find out what names have the highest bids. So far, "john" ($112.50) is beating "michael" ($105.50) and "mark" ($102.50). Most of the names are still at the opening bid of $9.95.

2 Responses to “ e-mail addresses for sale”

  1. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    It’s over.

    Most of the names went for less than the price of a year of dial-up access through the Netscape ISP. (A year of dial-up access is included in each auction along with the e-mail address.)

  2. Uwe Vatiente Says:

    current email address