Blackmore’s Night

I found Blackmore's Night by searching a P2P network for Greensleeves in order to practice recognizing minor-third intervals for my Fundamentals of Music class. I liked Blackmore's Night's version of Greensleeves enough to look for more of their music a few months later. Now they're my favorite band.

I bought their two newest (studio) CDs for my parents for Hanukkah/Christmas. My mom loves them. (I won't pretend that buying CDs as presents is a long-term excuse for downloading large amounts of music without paying for it.)

2 Responses to “Blackmore’s Night”

  1. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Btw, I got the link to from .

  2. Heinz J. Malcharzyk Says:

    Hi Jesse Ruderman.
    If you like to know more about “Blackmore”, search the web for “Deep Purple” (the british band) and “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”. That was, I think, completely different music. A very good source of information on Ritchie Blackmore is These guys have achieved to put together a complete discography – from the early 1960s up to now.