Wild were the winds that came

My family's house lost power for 6 hours last night during a windstorm. The power went off and came on about 6 times throughout the evening and night.

Candles rock. Not only do they last longer than flashlight batteries, but they also light rooms better than flashlights. We played card games by candlelight: Munchkin, Hoopla, and Magic. Munchkin was my gift to Drew, and Hoopla was one of Mom and Dad's gifts to Drew and me.

By the end of the night, the only flashlight still working was a tiny LED flashlight with a button that is very hard to press. Brushing my teeth in complete darkness was an interesting experience.

This morning, my entire family spent several hours sweeping up the mess outside.

One Response to “Wild were the winds that came”

  1. jesus X Says:

    Candles do indeed rock. Flashlight’s generally have extremely inefficient bulbs, so they suck batteries dry very fast. A single good candle, one that costs as much as a single battery, can last twice or three times as long, light an entire room, even provide a little heat, and can do something flashlights can’t: It can light OTHER candles. :)