AOL Instant Messenger has been showing animated ads for, a personals site for AIM users. According to this article, will launch in a few weeks.

I noticed this strange HTML on prelaunch

<select name="gender" value="" class="txtfield2" style=width:80px;>
<option value=""> - Gender -
<option value="monday"> Male
<option value="tuesday"> Female

Why is male represented by "monday" and female by "tuesday"? Kate Monday and Pat Tuesday were both female.

6 Responses to “”

  1. elvelind Says:

    my first guess would be to give spambots a hard time.

  2. Joe Grossberg Says:

    And where’s “other” or “transgendered”?

    Geez … how 20th century of them.

  3. Helen Says:

    OMG someone else who has watched Square One TV! Yay! (How old were you when you watched that??)

  4. Jason Scheirer Says:

    Not to mention that HTML is hideous.

  5. depression blog Says:

    the real queston is, what are their intentions with wednesday through sudnay?

  6. Ryan Loebs Says:

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