Google search tip: wildcard word (*)

Google treats "*" as a wildcard meaning "any word". You can use it in phrases to:

Ignore unimportant words

Fill in phrases where you don't know a word

See how people have filled in expressions and jokes

Crudely "search by proximity"

(I looked through my old searches by pressing Down in a Google search form in Firebird. The resulting autocomplete dropdown contains ~7000 Google searches I have done.)

6 Responses to “Google search tip: wildcard word (*)”

  1. Matt Brubeck Says:

    “* eye for the * guy” turns up great hits like “Black eye for the white guy”:*%20eye%20for%20the%20*%20guy%22

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I just searched for “* is like * on crack”, and the first hit was a blog entry by my friend Erika Rice!

  3. Elandrael Says:

    I went to calculator mode and found this:*10&btnG=Google+Search

    All seem normal but when you use

    “Search for documents containing the terms 18*10.”

    You can see a “+” before the query. Going deeper, I assumed that I could do some mathematical calculi with “-” and “+”. In fact it’s bugged.*10&btnG=Google+Search*10

    If you change directly the “-” by the “+” on the url it work making “+” a space.*10&btnG=Google+Search

    Even with parenthesis it’s bugged.*+%28-10%29&btnG=Google+Search*+%28%2B10%29&btnG=Google+Search*+%2810%29&btnG=Google+Search

    Same result if you change the url directly.*+%28-10%29&btnG=Google+Search

    P.S: Sorry about my English, in fact I m French, so this post might contain mistakes.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Elandrael, I’m not sure what you think is a bug. Is it that “+5” makes you leave calculator mode, but you expect it to be the same as “5”?

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