I started seeing and smelling smoke yesterday. Today, the fire became visible on the hills north of the colleges. There was a fire on the same hills last year. But last year, smoke and ash didn't reach campus, probably because the wind was different. Last year's fire was fun to watch. But this time, being outside at all is unpleasant because of smoke and because of ash getting into our eyes. And this time, several suburban houses have already been destroyed, only a day or two into the fire.

My dorm room smells like smoke even though I haven't opened my window, so some smoke must be getting past the air conditioner's filter. Adam Bliss told me that even the underground Libra complex smells like smoke.

Most of the pieces of ash are tiny, but Jessica Nelson and I found part of a burnt leaf on the ground. It is about an inch long.

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    I feel your pain, man. The smell will NOT LEAVE, By the way, hope you don’t mind that I added you to my linky list, as I seem to be sta– er, reading your blog muchly. <3