Google fails to predict who I will marry

I have mentioned 8 females on my blog who are about my age. Their first names are Aurora, Erika, Helen, Kay, Michaela, Pamela, Sara, and Selene. I searched Google for these first names with my last name (for example, 'Helen Ruderman'). My rank is between #1 and #4 for each theoretical full name.

My rank for each name does not correlate well with my how likely I think it is that I'll marry each girl, crush strength, or even how well I know them (|r| < 0.3 for each).

Three of the theoretical full names are "taken" -- people with those full names exist. Surprisingly, there is no correlation between my rank and whether the full name is "taken" (r=0.127 in the expected direction). In one case, part of my site ranks #1 even though 3 sites mention a person who actually has that full name. In another case, nobody has the full name, but part of my site ranks #4.

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