Vons.com supsends delivery service due to strike

Retail clerks and meat cutters initiated a work stoppage at the three major Southern California grocery store chains, including Vons. This labor dispute has affected operations at stores that fulfill Vons.com orders. As a result, we have suspended delivery operations for the time being. We will notify shoppers when Vons.com deliveries will resume. Thank you for your patience.

The words "strike", "union", and "health care" are notably absent from this statement shown to Vons.com customers.

I also tried signing up for Albertsons.com, which I had never used before. Albertsons.com has also suspended its service. Like Vons, Albertsons avoids the word "strike", but at least it doesn't hide "labor dispute" in the middle of a paragraph and try to blame its employees.

Unfortunately, due to a labor dispute, Albertsons.com is unable to serve you today.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to resume our online service as soon as possible.

I might have to beg for a ride (or walk) to a physical grocery store for the first time in a year. I haven't decided whether to cross the picket line at the local Vons or find a non-unionized grocery store.

7 Responses to “Vons.com supsends delivery service due to strike”

  1. erjika Says:

    Just so you know, when we went to Vons the other day… there wasn’t too much stuff. At least at this store, they were keeping minimal stocks, and a good number of the stuff there looked kinda old. If there’s a non-union grocery store near you, you might be better off going there instead.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I walked to Wolfe’s Market. They had the peanut butter crackers I was low on, but only one box :(

  3. Huns Says:

    I go to Vons pretty regular like, and they are fully stocked. It’s also very easy to shop because most people have been cowed by the rudeness of the protesters, or don’t even try to cross the line because they are either in agreement with the union or afraid of the disapproval of strangers.

    I went shopping for my grandmother today. She usually shops at an Albertsons that is very close to her house, but she doesn’t want to cross the picket line. I have a strong opinion about this strike in general, and also about what this is doing to people who have limited or zero mobility, and you can probably guess what that opinion is.

  4. Tim Geist Says:

    Srike breakers hurt America

    Before labor unions poverty was the norm for the vast majority of Americans. Industrialists literally payed starvation wages. When so many people had little disposable income, opportunity for the emergence of entrepreneurs was more greatly limited. Labor unions in this country have helped to build a strong domestic economy. When people have larger disposable incomes they have more money to spend on products and services. These purchases in turn allow for the success of other emerging businesses.

    People that cross union picket lines are contributing to the demise of our national economy. Surely, you have heard of the massive export of high paying technical jobs. Short sighted corporations, only interested in their bottom lines, are laying off workers in the USA and hiring cheap labor over-seas where labor unions are typically oppressed. As disposable incomes become reduced in this country, so too will the opportunities for the domestic emergence of new businesses.

    In short, scabs and people that cross union picket lines are unpatriotic and should be ashamed of contributing to the demise of our country and its economy.

  5. kiss my ass Says:

    Unpatriotic? I am one of the most patriotic people you’ll ever meet, and you’re damn right I’ll work for 17.90 right off the bat. With a $600 a month rent, along with school loans and such…who wouldn’t? And if I’m not, you can bet your picket line someone else will. So don’t you dare tell me I’m unpatriotic. You’re probably one of those liberalist fucks anyway who don’t even support the war.
    You have some nerve to be rude to the replacement workers, who need the money just as much as you do, if not more

  6. ROY FRAWLEY Says:

    I do not care for unions,and do not believe they are too effective.But I do care about the always friendly workers at the Pavillions I used to shop at,and could not look in the mirror at myself if I slapped their faces by crossing their picket lines.Some have lost their homes,their cars,and have to beg for food or rent money….Children are hungry! Your “friends” are being evicted.What if it happenned to you?What if you voted NOT to strike,but had to anyways?You people who decide the strikers are greed,and cry about how much $17.90 an hour is no reason to strike,etc.are either ignorant or just short-sighted-Find out how much the CEO of safeway decided to give himself a $1,000,000 raise for the fine work he did losing $1,000,000,000 in a suckers merger-And to complain about Wal-mart competing is driving them to reduce costs? Okay,the boss should ALWAYS be the first to take a pay cut….When the CEOs of the 3 supermarkets cut their salaries to a reasonable $100,000,then the workers may not have anything to gripe about.Come on people-WHAT IS RIGHT,AND WHAT IS WRONG?

  7. Nina Sutton Says:

    I believe the ceo of Vons has recently contributed to making this country a third world country. Going back in wages for the laborers,
    Raising the perks and bonus’s for the ceo’s, aiding with other corp. who are sending work out of the U.S. and you moguls are the first to wave your flag, salute it, show patriotism, ha how hypocritical of you all. You with our Pres and Vice pres. should be ashamed of your selves and quit being so self-serving for the in the mean time you will have ruined this nation. Only the Mill/Billionaires and the Poor, no more middle class which is what built this country. You louses. Nina Trotta-Sutton