Debris 32

I've been addicted to the shareware version of Debris 32 for over a year. Debris 32 is like Asteroids: you pilot a ship and go around shooting large asteroids to break them apart and small asteroids to destroy them. Debris 32 adds mines, aggressive enemy ships, and power-ups.

It took me a month before I was able to beat the game on the hardest difficultly level, and I can still only beat it half of the time. The hardest levels are 4, which has a hard-to-destroy enemy base, and 6, which has crystals. Small crystals grow into large crystals if you don't destroy them quickly, and shooting a large crystal results in several small crystals.

The shareware version is addictive despite only having 10 levels. I don't know how to get the full version. The publisher (MVPsoft) no longer sells it and I don't know how to contact the author (David Bollinger).

Download Debris 32 shareware for Windows (4 MB)

Bigger screenshot:

4 Responses to “Debris 32”

  1. Long Says:

    Ehhe, I remember a game I used to play like this, its very fun!

  2. Rock Says:

    I took your challenge, as a “thank you” for your bookmarklets. :-D

    I think you’ll absolutely enjoy the web page I found!


  3. ifolfair Says:

    Merci pour Debris 32, because mvpsoft n’a plus ce logiciel sur son site.
    c’est un very good small game :o)

  4. Unrealious Says:

    I bought the full version of Debris 32 a few years ago. It came on a few floppies. I still have it and use it. It has a lot of features and is completely customizable. Well worth the few bucks.