Deep Fried Live

Deep Fried Live is a cross between Strong Bad and a cooking show. DFL is "hosted" by accident-prone Tako the Octopus. The show is funny, and I might have learned something about cooking by watching it. My favorite episodes are 3: Chocolate-Chip Cookies, in which Tako confronts his fear of food mixers, and 7: Steak, in which Tako is abducted by an alien who needs cooking tips.

When I told Helen about Deep Fried Live, she informed me that "tako" is Japanese for "octopus". Helen is amazing at picking up languages. She seems to know more Japanese than I do, even though I've taken a semester and she has not.

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One Response to “Deep Fried Live”

  1. Pinging Knight Says:

    Tako the Octopus

    Tako the Octopus is the host of the show Deep Fried Live!, and he will teach you how to cook. He will also be attacked by a giant shrimp and suffer casualties from chasing a chicken, but the cooking part is in there.