Comedy Sportz

I went to ComedySportz for the first time last night. I loved it.

Six players in two teams played 8 improv comedy games. In "185", an audience member suggests something that might walk into a bar, such as a penguin. Players race to come up with bar jokes involving 185 penguins:

185 penguins walk into a bar.
The bartender says "I don't like you, please leave."
A penguin asks "Why?"
The bartender says "You smell fishy."


185 penguins walk into a bar.
The bartender says "Sorry, this is a Microsoft shop."

"Newscast" only involved the blue team. An audience member chose a day to recount (her high school graduation), and the blue team put together a newscast based on her description. The newscast started out Onion-like -- describing a high school graduation as if it were breaking news -- and then became even more absurd. A traffic announcer said a line of seniors waiting in line to pick up graduation dresses was blocking the freeway. A sports announcer reminded listeners that no local sports were taking place because graduation was taking up the football field.

In "Doo Ron Ron", players write new verses for the Crystals song. An audience member gives a single-syllable name, and the six players take turns adding lines that rhyme with the name.

  1: I met her on a Monday and her name was Kate.
Aud: Da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron.
  2: Her house had a large black gate.
Aud: Da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron.
  3: Asked her on a date
  3: But I got there late
  3: I guess that's just my fate.
Aud: Da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron.

If a player can't come up with a line on his or her turn, the player is out of the game. The game resumes with 1 fewer player, a faster tempo, and a new name. I think it's amazing that the players can come up with rhyming lines in real time, especially when they have the end of a verse, when one player has to come up with 3 consecutive lines.

They also played "rock, paper, scissors, anything", "what are you doing?", "animal farm", "5 things", "piano torture", and "foreign movie".

ComedySportz Los Angeles has shows Friday and Saturday nights at 8.

2 Responses to “Comedy Sportz”

  1. caiuschen Says:

    I saw ComedySportz once at a Future Business Leaders of America conference. Sadly, they did not strike the right chord of humor for the audience; participation was rather unenthusiastic and quite a few people actually just stood up and left. I remained and marvelled at their skill, if not their humor. It was a rather depresssing scene to see so many people walk off, but they never cracked and kept on going. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

  2. pearl necklace (spammer) Says:

    i never understand some jokes… i don’t get why the penguin joke is funny