California recall

Capitol Steps: Interview with "Arnold Schwarzenegger" (mp3).

Meanwhile, SFGate reports that 52% of registered California voters "said the recall does not make California look foolish to the rest of the country". (via Erika Rice)

5 Responses to “California recall”

  1. Eric Says:

    I tend to agree with the poll. It’s not that the situation in California isn’t foolish; it obviously is. But given the state of politics in every corner of this great nation, no one else is in a position to point fingers. I dunno; maybe Rhode Island is clean, but that probably won’t last, and who cares, anyway?

  2. Brian netdragon Bober Says:

    I think politics is always stupid, no matter what state its in. On the other hand, I’m glad they get someone who overextended California’s wallets out of there, but its not entirely Gray Davis’s fault. Its like this all over the country because Bush has caused an extreme defecit and states are paying out of their butts. So Bush looks good while states and future presidents will have to overtax people. People in states who thought they had money now don’t have it because Bush took it away, while increasing the number of things the states are required to do. A word of advice for Bush… Don’t give back money before you have slimmed government — do it afterwards.

    Personally, I think lack of choice makes politics look silly… Not 220 candidates running.

    Other than that, I found it marginally interesting for a couple days and I love how Arnold is great with kids. Since I am in CT, I have already lost interest. The media wants you to keep interest so they can pipe their views to your brain to brainwash you. I love kids and think they are wonderful and anyone who loves kids like Arnold is great in my book.I also think its funny that Gary Coleman and a bunch of other people are running… You can get the list here:

    I guess in California, actors running for office is commonplace – like Raegan ;-)

    I think there is little chance anyone but the terminator will win.

  3. Jessie Says:

    I think this recall would be a very interesting (and entertaining) political experiment if it weren’t for the fact that CA is severely in debt and the projected costs for this election have already doubled from the first tentative estimate of about 35 million dollars to the still conservative estimate of 53 to 66 million dollars*. I’m not one to praise Gov. Davis, because I think he’s made some major mistakes that cost California dearly, but even if he had been a wonderful governor he couldn’t have avoided some of the major deficits that have crippled this state (e.g., the Enron energy crisis). Unless Arnold or anyone else can make money appear from thin air, or plans to tax the hell out of their own class (Arnold had a 57 million dollar income last year*, that oughta cover most of the recall), they’re only going to hurt this state more by pulling out more money that can’t be spared.


  4. Wayne Says:

    California has to get rid of the leader of corruption and waste. The politicians in California are creating an insane mess. Here’s one opinion

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