Wikipedia userboxes

I didn't like the existing Wikipedia userboxes that say "This user contributes using Mozilla Firefox" because they use a non-standard Firefox icon. (There are strict license restrictions on userbox images, for reasons I haven't tried to understand.) So I created a more specific userbox, using the "Minefield" icon, which happens to be more free than the Firefox icon.

For fun, I created a few more userboxes for my user page:

Feel free to include them on your Wikipedia user page :)

4 Responses to “Wikipedia userboxes”

  1. Kadin Says:

    The reason you can’t use non-free images on user pages is because fair use doesn’t allow for it. Criticial commentary and identification are legal, but use on personal pages would by copyright violation.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says: is pretty clear that it’s ok to use the Firefox logo as part of promoting Firefox or saying that you use Firefox. Maybe Wikipedia is just trying to keep their rules simple, and that makes sense given that userboxes aren’t a critical part of the site.

  3. Joe Grossberg Says:

    Modified version of your idea:

  4. Lloyd Budd Says:

    Userboxes? I had seen them before, but not thought much about them. Fun stuff!

    Yeah, that is too bad about the Firefox userbox.

    “This user goes to eleven.” makes me think “This user has power level over 9000”.