XBL for User Style Sheets

XBL bindings combine the power of bookmarklets with the set-up-and-forget simplicity of user style sheets.

To use these XBL bindings, copy the CSS code in your Mozilla user style sheet (Instructions).

For better speed, you can run a local web server and copy the .xml file there to load using a http://localhost/ URL, but you can't load the .xml file using a file:/// URL because of bug 204140.

Flash Click-to-View
/* Prevent flash animations from playing until you click on them. */
{ -moz-binding: url("http://www.squarefree.com/turing/clickToView.xml#ctv"); }

Update October 2004: Ted Mielczarek and Theodore Drake have incorporated the Flash Click-to-View XBL into a Firefox extension called Flashblock.

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