Incremental Find and Link Completion

Bookmarklet demos

The following links are bookmarklets. You can click on them like normal links to try them on this page, but they're most useful if you drag them to your personal toolbar (or bookmark them) and use them on other pages. To undo the effect of a bookmarklet, reload the page. These bookmarklets only work with Mozilla.

Incfind lets you find items in the page just by typing them -- no dialogs get in the way, and you see the results after typing each letter. Press Ctrl+G for "find again". incfind / incfind window

Typelink lets you navigate to links quickly. It only matches text at the beginning of links, as if the links were in a listbox or tree control. This implementation is buggy: it's slow and jumps around a lot. I think I need to make it work based on document.links rather than find(), but find-range might be sufficient. typelink / typelink window

How I think these features should work in Mozilla

Incremental find (30088) should work pretty much like the "incfind" bookmarklet works. You should have to type something to activate incremental find, such as Ctrl+F. Enter would follow links, Space would search for space, Ctrl+G would go to the next hit, Ctrl+Shift+G would go to the previous hit, and Esc would leave incremental-find mode and maybe clear the selection.

Since most link-finding would be done with the method described below, it might be better to use Enter for "find next".

Just typing text into a document should look for text at the beginning of links (105565). The text you type should not appear selected, and Mozilla should forget what you type after a short delay. This is how IE5.1 for Mac works and it's great for following links quickly. The delay for forgetting your typed text should be a little higher than in a tree (maybe 2s instead of 1s) because following links isn't as predictable as selecting from an alphabetical, left-aligned list.

The link-search might work without the delay-forget if following a link into a new window (Ctrl+Enter) cancels the search. In that case, it might be best to show the text as selected. But then this feature would become visually similar to incremental find and that might be a problem.