Importance Description
S0 Fix immediately: Slows testing
S1 Must fix: not a porn browser without this feature
S2 Should fix: great benefit to porn surfer with major impact on browser choice
S3 Want this fixed
S4 Keep this in mind
S5 May not be worth fixing (for Pornzilla)
Sf Forget it; not useful (for Pornzilla)

Italicized bugs are feature requests rather than flaws.


Number Importance Summary
249951 S2 Safer handling of executable files with download manager (see comment 15).
105580 S2 Selection context menu with "save selected images", "open selected links", etc.
40253 S3 Execute the download of all links (like wget --recursive)
287277 S3 Back menu session history should be unbounded
89308 S4 Context menus should open when mouse button is pushed down
236755 S4 Support BitTorrent as a file download mechanism (to save porn sites on bandwidth costs)
Tabbed browsing
209179 S3 Visual indication of unread tabs.
Multi-window browsing
49141 S3 New browser windows don't open instantly
56690 S4 Allow opening link in a new window behind current window
39165 S5 Undo close window.
284978 S1 After loading many large images, Firefox stops repainting
229547 S2 "Save all files to this folder" doesn't apply to "Save Image as..."
143949 S3 Saving images gradually gets slower until you clear the Download Manager
4821 S3 Full zoom, including images and other objects
98971 S4 Use bilinear scaling to make resized images look prettier
47661 S5 Prioritize image loading so that current tab/window loads first
257143 S2 "Save all files to this folder" doesn't apply to "Save Link as..."
78414 S3 Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+S) don't work when plugin has focus
24418 S3 Ability to disable web page sounds
249257 S3 "Save link as" doesn't mark link as visited
102380 S4 If "open link in new window" results in a download, the empty browser window should be closed
78037 S2 Ability (option or command) to prevent links from opening in new windows
33469 S2 Make it possible to "blacklist" useless or annoying sites
83578 S3 Differentiate between status bar text from UI and from Web pages (blind links)
94035 S5 Allow blocking of any media type by site
Members-only sites
223636 S2 Unprompted http basic authentication (automatically log in when username/password is stored)
175008 S3 Extract .zip files "on the fly" during download instead of making users unzip as a separate step
Privacy from other users of your computer
16489 S3 Password-protected profiles
19184 S3 Encrypted profiles
155300 S3 Temporary profiles ("Guest" option in profile manager)
248970 S3 Private Browsing mode (global toggle for saving/caching everything)
63092 S4 Ability to lock session (tip: in Windows XP, hold the Windows key and press L to lock)
63094 Sf Ability to save session information
Related to using bookmarklets
108394 S2 javascript: url steals focus when it finishes running
60307 S5 Images loading above top of window can cause scrolling up (affects Linked Images)
72374 Sf Bookmarklets look like normal bookmarks (icon)

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