How'd I Get Here?

Use this extension to go to the page on which you first clicked a link to the current page. For example:


Install How'd I Get Here 0.1.2, which works in Firefox 1.5 through Firefox 2.

After installing, right-click a toolbar, select "Customize...", and drag the "How'd I Get Here?" button to your toolbar.

How'd I Get Here is free software distributed under the GPL, MPL, and LGPL.

How'd I Get Here has not been ported to Firefox 3 Beta 4 because RESULTS_AS_FULL_VISIT has not been implemented for Firefox 3's new history system. See bug 320831 and bug 392844. I do not know whether it will be implemented in time for Firefox 3.


jesus_X picked the name and made the icon.


How'd I Get Here 0.1.2 (2006-01-15)

How'd I Get Here 0.1.1 (2005-05-29)

How'd I Get Here 0.1 (2004-12-04)

Possible features for future versions