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Browser support for bookmarklets

These are some of the features a browser should have in order to support bookmarklets well. Many of these features are not specific to bookmarklets. A web browser must support bookmarks, javascript, and several other featuers before it can support bookmarklets well.

Versions tested (all on Win98):

Basic bookmarklet support IE Moz NS4 Op7
Support JavaScript Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support javascript: links Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allow bookmarking javascript: URLs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run javascript: URLs as part of the current page Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allow long links 2083 (508 in IE 6.0) >20000 1848 4094
Advanced javascript support IE Moz NS4 Op7
Override "open in new window" for javascript: URLs No Opens in same window; 55696 No No
Continue loading page while I use a bookmarklet No Yes (1.4+) No Yes
Allow interaction while searching links (threaded JS) Interact with results only No (40848) Interact with results, view original Interact with results only (regression from Op6, which had "Interact with results and original")
Save changes made by bookmarklets in session history No No (38486) No Yes
Allow disabling JavaScript pop-up ads without disabling bookmarklets No Yes No Yes (Op7+)
Notify the user when a JavaScript error occurs Clickable message in status bar No (47128) Unclickable message in status bar Optional; no by default
Support DOM0 (such as document.links) in XHTML-as-XML XHTML as XML displays source Yes (111514) XHTML as XML tries to download Yes (Op7+)
Treatment of JavaScript-generated pages IE Moz NS4 Op7
Save document.write-generated pages ex Yes Saves page launched from Yes Silently fails to create file
SaveComplete document.write-generated pages Error message yes N/A (no SaveComplete) Silently fails to create file
Print document.write-generated pages Yes Yes Prints page launched from Yes
Save DOM2-generated pages ex Saves blank page Saves blank page N/A (no DOM2) N/A (bookmarklet fails)
SaveComplete DOM2-generated pages Saves blank page Yes N/A (no DOM2) N/A (bookmarklet fails)
Print DOM2-generated pages Yes Yes N/A (no DOM2) N/A (bookmarklet fails)
Bookmarks menu IE Moz NS4 Op7
Allow user to keep track of webpages Favorites Bookmarks Bookmarks Bookmarks
Bookmarks sidebar Ctrl+I F9, then select Bookmarks (81757) (Phoenix: Ctrl+B) No F4
Support mod+click in menu for "open bookmark in new window" No (shift is used to keep favorites menu open) No (33761, 72361) (Phoenix: Yes) No Shift
Use different icons for webpages and bookmarklets No No (72374) No No
Fast mouse access to bookmarks IE Moz NS4 Op7
Toolbar for bookmarks Links Bar Personal Toolbar Personal Toolbar Personal Bar
Mod-click personal toolbar item to open in new window No No (59132) (Phoenix: Yes) No Shift
Context menu for personal toolbar items Yes Yes No Yes
Drag to personal toolbar Yes Yes Yes Yes (Op7+)
Drag within personal toolbar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Double-click runs bookmarklet twice Yes Yes No Yes (Op7+)
Menus/folders within personal toolbar Yes, but bookmarklets in them must be dragged into document instead of clicked Yes Yes, but bookmarklets don't work from these folders Yes
Drag to personal toolbar folders Can drop from pages but not from personal toolbar Yes Yes No
Drag from personal toolbar folders Extra "may not be safe" warning No (19437) (Phoenix: Yes) No No
Allow bookmarks on other toolbars No No No Yes, but they are unlabeled
Fast keyboard access to bookmarks IE Moz NS4 Op7
Press first letter of bookmark title in menu to select bookmark Yes Yes (1.0+) No No
Allow setting shortcuts for specific bookmarks Yes, but doesn't work for bookmarklets No (47199) No No
Accept names of bookmarks in location bar Only works for top-level favorites Extra "Custom Keyword" field (117967) No Extra "Nickname" field
Bookmarklet development IE Moz NS4 Op7
Allow typing javascript: urls into the location bar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Give useful messages for JavaScript errors (subjective!) Rarely Usually Not tested enough Usually

Browser Bugs

Internet Explorer for Windows


Opera 7

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