Friends don’t let friends use IE

Pop-ups kill.

4 Responses to “Friends don’t let friends use IE”

  1. Helen and Jessie Says:

    Okay. That was entertaining, but incredibly disturbing. Jessie says,”That was *so* wrong.”

  2. helen Says:

    I’m confused. I left a comment, it didn’t show up. It was only when I was trying to preview a new comment today that I could see the comment I left yesterday. But it doesn’t show on the main page…the movie is still disturbing. Not that I watched it again. ^_^;;;

  3. Nothing Is Certain Says:

    pop-ups kill, don’t use IE

    I was just browsing a few blogs, and I came across an entry about pop-ups on Jesse Ruderman’s blog. Pretty funny movie at how pop-ups can destroy your life… Click here to view….

  4. Says:

    Friends don’t let friends get mullets

    Selainteema tuntuu jatkuvan. Jesse Rudermanin ei välitä ystäviensä takatukista, mutta otsikon Friends don’t let friends use IE alta löytyy linkki 17min lyhytelokuvaan, joka alkaa monille käyttäjille tavalla tai toisella tutuksi…