Security silliness at Mudd

From an e-mail titled "Terror Warning 3/18/03" and sent to all Mudd students:

The President of the United States has announced his intention to remove the current leadership of Iraq. As a result, the intelligence community believes there is a high probability of large and small-scale attacks that could involve mass casualties and seek to cause maximum economic, psychological and symbolic impact. Reports from Los Angeles County of Emergency Management, State Office of Emergency Services, and the Federal Department of Homeland Security suggest that terrorists may attempt multiple attacks against U.S. and allied targets.

Officials have expressed particular concern about buildings, subways, and other enclosed areas. There is also concern about Iraqi sleeper agents proficient in assassinations, kidnappings, and bombings.

To address the increased level of threat, the Department of Homeland Security has raised the national Terrorism Threat Level to Orange-Plus Alert (High).


In response to specific recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security, the HMC Incident Management Team suggests that as far as possible, we:

Limit visitor access to buildings and school campuses to a single entry point.

Effective Wednesday, March 19, 2003, limit access to each building to the main entrance. All other entrances will require key or combo access.

The "one unlocked door per building" policy was not implemented well. One building has a glass wall with many doors along it, and even there only one door was unlocked. The unlocked door for a building at the edge of campus faced a street rather than the rest of campus.

But even with those minor problems fixed, the policy was silly because it introduced inconvinience without protecting us at at all. The policy was killed within 3 or 4 weeks.

What security measures or "security" measures have you been affected by?

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